The FBI investigation of so-called “inappropriate emails” has spread from the CIA to the Pentagon. Is the nation at risk? Is it really about the hubris of powerful men, designing women and Washington politics? New Yorker staff writer, Jane Mayer, asks, why is this public at all?

Hey, I know about that binder! And guess what — Mitt Romney was lying about it.
David S. Bernstein, Boston-based journalist on then Gov. Romney’s selection of women for cabinest posts.
And I didn’t think it was possible, but today, I love my husband even more than I did four years ago…
Michelle Obama, in her speech at the DNC

GOP to Double-Down on Welfare Attack

Ignoring the slant of the Fox News item this comes from, here’s confirmation that the discredited welfare-to-work line of attack against Obama is far from over…

Republicans are putting out a video Wednesday that features a North Carolina man who needed welfare between jobs – and now criticizes Obama’s plan to overhaul the program’s work requirements.

“I don’t know what I would have done without it,” 46-year-old Chuck Painter tells the camera. “I did everything I could to try to get off welfare.” But he says the work requirement is critical.

The video campaign is the latest effort by Republicans to hammer away at Obama’s announcement to governors in July that  the federal government would waive, in certain circumstances, work requirement standards tied to welfare if states come up with their own plan.  

“What I see is, by not requiring people to work, there’s no motivation to get off the system,” says Painter, who says he went on welfare for roughly nine months in October 2009 after being told his job had been eliminated – just days after his 20th anniversary with the company.

The welfare argument has drawn criticism from some as playing the “race card” for white voters in swing states. That case may be beefed up when we see which states see heavy rotation of the new ad.
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